Planning to travel Nepal? Here are the top things you should know before going


Nepal is a country of endless beauty, rich history and friendly people. It’s no wonder it’s such a popular destination for travellers. If you’re planning to take your first step towards exploring this Himalayan kingdom, then we have good news! There are several things you need to know before travelling to Nepal. Here are some of the top tips you should know before planning your trip:

Plan your trip in advance

Nepal is a place you’ll know you can’t get enough of once you’ve been there. So why not plan your trip in advance? It can be thrilling to discover a new destination with your loved ones or friends. You can also make use of online travel resources to get the best deal on your holiday. You can also go for group travel to avoid the costs that come with booking a trip for just you. These tips can help you plan your trip and make sure you get the most out of your trip to Nepal.

Be aware of the weather changes

No matter how much you plan for the weather in Nepal, you shouldn’t expect a crystal clear blue sky. So make sure you plan your trip accordingly. You can read more about the weather in Nepal in this article. During your travel to Nepal, you should also keep in mind that the seasons in the Himalayas are quite different from those in the rest of the country. The monsoon season in Nepal is between June and September, which is the wettest months of the year. The winter season in Nepal is between October and March, and it is the most pleasant time to travel to Nepal.

Bring an emergency kit with you

You never know when an emergency happens, and it can be especially dangerous to travel alone in Nepal. To stay safe, you should pack an emergency bag with essentials like a flashlight, a pair of warm clothes, food and water, a first-aid kit, a moneybelt, and some toiletries. You should also inform your travel companions about this emergency kit, in case anything happens to you. If you’re travelling during the monsoon season, you might want to bring an umbrella to fend off sudden downpours. During the winter season, you can bring a pair of gloves to protect yourself from the cold.

Stay safe and healthy

Make sure to stay safe while travelling in Nepal. You can check out our travel safety guide for more tips on how to stay safe while travelling. When it comes to your health, you should make sure you stay hydrated, try to avoid foods that are high in sodium, and don’t forget to eat your greens! If you have any concerns about your health while travelling to Nepal, you should visit a doctor before you depart. You can also bring medication with you in case you have an important condition that needs to be addressed.

Don’t forget to show respect to locals and wildlife

When you travel to Nepal, you should make sure you learn about the culture and customs of the locals. This way, you can show respect to them and avoid any inadvertent offence. You can also make an effort to appreciate the wildlife in the country. You can do this by taking a walk in the national park or visiting a wildlife sanctuary. In addition, you should also make sure you protect the natural resources of Nepal in case you come across them. This can be done by not littering or disposing of your waste in inappropriate ways.

Take some time off and relax

Nepal is a place that is full of energy. It shouldn’t be surprising, then, that it’s also great for rejuvenation and relaxation. If you’re feeling a little frazzled and overwhelmed by your travel plans, you can take some time off to relax and rejuvenate. There are several places in Nepal that are ideal for this, such as the Himalayas, the plains, and the Kathmandu Valley. You can also explore the many art and cultural activities in the country. You can find more information on these and other ways to relax and rejuvenate in Nepal in our guide.

Wrapping up

Hope you enjoyed reading our guide to travelling to Nepal. Now that you know what you can expect from your journey there, you can feel confident in your decision to travel to this charming country. If you want to experience something unique, and you want to see one of the most beautiful places in the world, then you need to travel to Nepal.

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